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True Colours
The Game

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True Colours may be enjoyed as a gambling game solely between its players - or as a House game - if it is played according to the following rules.



Player Gambling

The Minimum Bet - The Coin

The players in a game decide on the size of the minimum bet that will be used throughout their game and each betting coin will have this value. e.g. players may elect to make the token bet (coin) a 5 cent or a 10 cent piece.

(a) Betting on the overall outcome of the game

Players agree what bet is appropriate for all players and the identical sum from each player is pooled (the Kitty) for claim by the ultimate victor after the game.

(b) Betting on Conflict

Every time a player plays a weapon card, both players directly involved in Conflict are required to pay a PowerBill - consisting of a minimum bet of one coin. Each is therefore betting on the outcome of the weapon played.

Player’s bets are placed in their own betting area. (i.e. black diamond shaped section of the central crystal that shares an apex with your Stash ring storage area)

The opponent called upon to either shield or Void the card then responds (if possible).

Possible outcomes of any Weapon bet

(a) Weapon Shielded: If a player’s weapon is cancelled with a shield card then all coins gambled remain on the table for claim by the first player to win this ongoing Conflict or a future Conflict.

(b) Weapon not Shielded: If a player’s weapon is not cancelled with either a shield or a Void card, the player may claim all Coins on the board - including any coins previously gambled by other players during this and any former unsuccessful Conflicts which remain on the board.

(c) Void Played: If Conflict comes to an abrupt end due to a Void card all bets go into the kitty for claim by the ultimate victor of the game.

Broke or Resigning Players

Should any player be unable or unwilling to pay a Powerbill they lose any current Conflict and must exit the game doing the following before play recommences:

(a) place all their power cards - unseen by others - on the refuse pile;
(b) place any rings still possessed in their Stash ring storage area; and
(c) remove their playing token from the arena

Important: Only when these rings have been claimed by existing players in the game may another person possessing Coins take this position as their Home, collect six cards from the top of the central deck and join play.

Stored rings are claimed by the first players to land on the Violet Position next to the rings’ Storage Area. Any player who leaves a game prematurely forfeits the initial gamble payed to the Kitty for the ultimate winner of the game. The prize Kitty will grow due to any new player providing the entry gamble (Game Bet) to join the game.




House Gambling

(Gambling by House Guests - i.e. Game spectators)

Player Gambling and House Gambling are very complementary as the gambling actions of players prompt gambling by House Guests.

(a) Betting on the overall outcome of the game

House Guests place a bet on a player to win. If that player does win the return to the gambler is double the value of the original bet. If that player loses they lose their bet.

(b) Betting on Conflict

When a Conflict begins as part of someone’s Powerplay, it may evolve to include many players. Every time a player plays a weapon, House Guests can place a bet on either player before the opponent responds (if at all). If a player plays more weapons during the same Powerplay, House Guests can increase their bet on either player incrementally. (Note: House Guests can bet on more than one player in Conflict.)

If a Conflict ends without a victor, then all players’ bets remain until a future Conflict has a victor. (This rarely requires multiple Powerplays.)

The supporters of the player who is next victorious in Conflict receive a return of double the value of their total bet on that player. The supporters of players ultimately defeated in Conflict lose their bet to the House.

Note: At no stage can a House Guest reduce the value of their bet on any one particular player.

Only ever gamble what you can truly afford to lose!



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